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It doesn’t take much for rodents and wildlife to gain access. A propped-open door, a broken window or a small crack can be a welcome mat for these intruders who are capable of doing serious damage to your home and business.


We have the knowledge and experience to safeguard your business and home 24--7, 365.

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We know pest problems can be frustrating, disturbing, and can cause a lot of harm. At PestDemic, we provide you with customized pest control solutions and that your environment is completely free of pests – and stays that way.



PestDemic offers a wide range of weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annualized pest management services for Commercial & Residential Pest Control. We handle every situation with excessive care and great quality service.



Rats, mice and other pests invade your home looking for the same comforts of home that you do — food, shelter and water. Unfortunately, they are more than an inconvenience. They're a threat to your property, your health and your sense of security.

John, Homeowner

Thanks for the great job. The technician from PestDemic is knowledgable and has excellent insight as to what has happened and will happen in the future. I am very happy with the service.

Thank you!

Peter, Restaurant Owner

Brilliant service! Speedy response and vast knowledge of termites. PestDemic technician examined the place and quickly located the problem. 

Kelly, Operational Manager

PestDemic guys showed up on time and patiently explained everything we need to do, and what they were doing and why. Very friendly staff, I would recommend their service.

Stephan, Clinic Owner

Fantastic service. Helpful from the first phone call to the last visit, would highly recommend for any pest issues.

Gary, Business Owner

PestDemic has eradicated a rat problem that has been on and off for many years. I have tried all sorts of methods myself but nothing succeeded. The staff is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I will not hesitate to call them again if the need arose and would certainly recommend PestDemic to others.

Jess, Karaoke Owner

Can't recommend PestDemic enough. The guy who came offered a friendly and professional service, he was a delight to deal with and I would urge anyone with a problem to give this company a call. He certainly sorted our squirrels out!


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