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Improving the infection protection of your business and home in New York City and all boroughs in the surrounding ares

Covid-19 has impacted the lives of thousands of people, especially in New York. Businesses have had to close their doors and people have been locked up in their homes. As the world faces an isolated reality, its people must still eat, keep their homes running, exercise, and run important errands. This means essential businesses must continue to operate while assuring their employees a safe, germ-free environment to work in. These businesses need advanced disinfection services to supplement current cleaning methods that truly mitigate the risks of transmission. In the face of Coronavirus, PestDemic offers immediate disinfection services for metro New York homes, restaurants, medical facilities, supermarkets, dealerships, and other businesses.

Our Values

Rapid Response for On-Site Inspection

We understand that time is not a luxury businesses can afford during this unprecedented period. That’s why we’re working around the clock to send trained technicians to your home or business for rapid inspection.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. Below are some of the appreciation messages we have received in the recent past.

We have cleaners come in everyday, but professional disinfection services is what is needed during these times. Our employees are definitely more at ease since we’ve had PestDemic come in and disinfect our space.
- Ajay, bodega owner

I had to change my appointment a couple of times because something came up but the PestDemic team was super flexible and worked around my schedule. I definitely recommend them for disinfection services.
- Polly, business owner 

We gave PestDemic a shot as my friend recommended them. We were pleasantly surprised with their professionalism and their flexibility.
- Alex, doctors clinic, operations manager

I am really happy with PestDemic services. I would definitely be using their services again and I highly recommend them. 
- Jimmy, car dealership

The PestDemic team was very professional and disinfected my home the same week I made contact with them.
- Sarah, homeowner

Cleaning and disinfecting are different. PestDemic knows this and are professionals at disinfecting.
- Carlos, Doctor's office

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